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- Logistics -


Providing Products from International Markets within the specifications of the Syrian market.


Following a dedicated storage policy in accordance with international standards.


Ensuring the product reaches the customer.

Distribution Fleet

  • Damascus : 19 Vans.
  • Aleppo : 4 Vans.
  • Tartous : 5 Vans.
  • Lattakia : 7 Vans.
  • Homs : 6 Vans.
  • Hama : 5 Vans.
  • Eastern Area : 3 Vans.

Market Spread

  • Damascus : 1135 Shops.
  • Aleppo : 567 Shops.
  • Tartous : 782 Shops.
  • Lattakia : 836 Shops.
  • Homs : 752 Shops.
  • Hama : 422 Shops.
  • Al Hasakah : 133 Shops.
  • Deir Ez-Zur : 65 Shops.
  • Al Swida : 242 Shops.


The word “ALMERA” comes originally from the Middle East, it means:
The female who belongs to the upper-class society and has pure origin and lineage.
We at ALMERA company believes that these meanings must be available in all what is presented into the market in terms of products, quality, treatment and reputation. And provide the finest beverages in distinctive and guaranteed quality

“ALMERA is the most significant importer in Syria for all international brands covering both alcoholic and energy brands, it’s also responsible for the distribution process overall the Syrian market”

Our Vision

Leading the alcoholic and energy 

beverages in the Syrian market

Our Objective

- Leadership :

To occupy the first place in terms of customer and consumer preferences together.

- Quality :

Update services and work approach periodically to ensure the advancement of services provided in the local market.

- Growth :

Building strong momentum in the growing alcoholic and energy beverages market.

Happy clients

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